Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Totally came up with a new summer time cocktail...

It looks as good as it tastes! Wait, other way around....I swear I only had one to try it out.

I call it the Savory Rosemary

2oz. of Vodka ( I used Svedka, inexpensive and tastes pretty darn good.)
2 smallish sprigs of fresh rosemary
2 lemon wedges
6 oz lemon flavored sparkling water

Add one sprig of rosemary to glass. Muddle slightly. Add ice, pour vodka over ice.
Add sparkling water. Squeeze one lemon into glass. Stir. Add other lemon wedge to  rim of glass with other sprig of rosemary. VOILA! Tasty refreshing cocktail.

I recommend using an old jar as your glass. Why? It looks better. Depending on your thirst level you could use a jam jar( as I did), a salsa jar, or a huge spaghetti jar. Like i said depends on how thirsty you are...Enjoy!

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