Monday, May 9, 2011

Mutha's Day Soiree!

So, every year My husband and I throw a mothers day party. My mom is a domestic goddess and I have a lot to live up to....I try to cook the best food, play her favorite music, and cover most of my tattoos. She appreciates all above mentioned attempts. Matt and I constructed a terrific down home menu for her this year. Goat Cheese and Olive crostini's, Fried chicken chili empanadas, Herb potato salad, three bean salad in butter lettuce cups, and a chili marinated tri-tip. Matt and I make everything by hand. Yes, we fight during the preparation. It is labor intensive and somewhat overwhelming....but, we love it! Check out the photos!


  1. It was all absolutely perfect-o! Thank you both so much for all your hard work - I truly do appreciate all the effort and the incredibly yummy results! Let's do it again next pressure :) Love you guys! PS- I posted about it on my blog too. I couldn't help but brag. I also posted a link to Quiet Peach so people can see even more, including Kev in his mutha's day regalia, ha!

  2. Had to lead with the photo of kev.