Friday, October 7, 2011

My Old House

Matt and I are moving. This makes me feel a little sad and sentimental.
We rented this little 1 bedroom apartment sight unseen. I was expecting the worst.
Wall to wall carpeting. Dark, grungy, and unkept...basically sad.
This little home was nothing of the sort.

Mind you we are moving just next door. Not too far. 
Plus, one of my Best Friends is moving in...So, I'll get to see it sometimes...

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Cocktail! The Bogie!

Lets make a Bogie!

bogie in Indian English,[1] is a vehicle on a rail transport system(railroad or railway) that is used for the carrying of cargo or passengers.

I modeled this cocktail on a traditional sidecar. It is stirred. Not shaken. 

The Bogie:
1 small jar (or rocks glass)
2oz brandy
Freshly snipped Lavender
1 Lemon
1/2 Tablespoon Simple Syrup
6-8 oz Soda Water
4 cubes of Ice

Muddle lavender in glass
add Ice
add juice of one half of lemon
add simple syrup
top with soda water 
Top with a Twist of lemon
(take a paring knife and cut around the lemon in one unbroken strip)

I added a rose. That was just for show. You could do it too.
It may get in the way. It looks really pretty, though.
Damn, this is good. 
Almost too good.
I had three.

Mutha's Day Soiree!

So, every year My husband and I throw a mothers day party. My mom is a domestic goddess and I have a lot to live up to....I try to cook the best food, play her favorite music, and cover most of my tattoos. She appreciates all above mentioned attempts. Matt and I constructed a terrific down home menu for her this year. Goat Cheese and Olive crostini's, Fried chicken chili empanadas, Herb potato salad, three bean salad in butter lettuce cups, and a chili marinated tri-tip. Matt and I make everything by hand. Yes, we fight during the preparation. It is labor intensive and somewhat overwhelming....but, we love it! Check out the photos!

Friday, May 6, 2011


My mom is amazing! She is full of beautiful ideas. It being "Honor thy holy mother" week I thought I would share a little bit of her with you. My mom taught me everything I know about good taste (excluding tattoos...she hates them). Check out her blog.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why, hello weber kettle...

Matt and I had the most delicious introduction to BBQ season last night. 

Bone in pork chops with lemon and herbs de provence. Grilled asparagus, the little skinny ones. So tender and amazing. Grilled onions with olive and sea salt. Roasted sweet potatos baked with homemade honey butter.

I died. Combined with the savory rosemary was a vision.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

OMG! The perfect meal to accompany that perfect drink!

Recipe will be available tomorrow! Too busy Eating!

Totally came up with a new summer time cocktail...

It looks as good as it tastes! Wait, other way around....I swear I only had one to try it out.

I call it the Savory Rosemary

2oz. of Vodka ( I used Svedka, inexpensive and tastes pretty darn good.)
2 smallish sprigs of fresh rosemary
2 lemon wedges
6 oz lemon flavored sparkling water

Add one sprig of rosemary to glass. Muddle slightly. Add ice, pour vodka over ice.
Add sparkling water. Squeeze one lemon into glass. Stir. Add other lemon wedge to  rim of glass with other sprig of rosemary. VOILA! Tasty refreshing cocktail.

I recommend using an old jar as your glass. Why? It looks better. Depending on your thirst level you could use a jam jar( as I did), a salsa jar, or a huge spaghetti jar. Like i said depends on how thirsty you are...Enjoy!